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Globius & Minipack Torré

Minipack-TorréGiven all the features that constitute MINIPACK-TORRE’s identity, this historic company has been, it is and it will always be one of the leaders in the packaging field. 

Minipack-Torre has conceived, world-wide, more than thirty patents since 1976 when it all started by revolutionizing the shrinking machine field with the novel introduction of the “chamber shrink machines”. In our specific industry no one has, or has had, the peculiarity to continuously come out with innovations like we did.  In fact, as a proving testimony of our innovation abilities, we have extended our product line to many different packaging sectors:  vacuum, stretch and shrink (see our latest highly technological automatic line: the PRATIKA series). We can say, proudly, that Innovation is truly our distinctive corporate identity.
Thanks to its innovative and high quality products, MINIPACK-TORRE represents a unique brand that is and will, always, be a source of admiration for its power to conceive new ideas and concepts for the production of increasingly better packaging machines.
That’s why our brand deserves the appellative: Minipack-Torre “Unexpected ideas”.

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